Can’t loose weight, look up  Reverse T3, Leptin, and fasting glucose Tests. I know I will  Paula.


I have just read an article saying that if your iodine levels are low and you have Hashimoto’s, do not take selenium until your iodine levels are up, then selenium will help support your T3 & T4 read up on it very interesting.

This is new to me so bare with me MyThyroid

I have for more than 15 years been on Levothyroxine but on by a specialist at Nuffield hospital, I have now been told even thoe  I am in terrible pain with fibromyalgia, hair loss etc, that I should not have been on it and said it would be best if I came off, my TSH has gone to 0.01 but I still feel hypothyroid, as you can imagine how I must be feeling  I don’t know what to do other than go on line and try and cure myself not sure if this is the right site for someone to help. Paula.